Success Magnet Seminar

You’re About to Discover the Secrets Most Marketers Will NEVER Know About Turning Your Words in Wealth


Register now, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from:

Joe Sugarman – the “godfather” of modern direct marketing. You can learn Joe’s legendary “psychological triggers” that have generated over a billion dollars in sales, including the BluBlockers franchise…
John Carlton – the “most ripped off copywriter alive” – and mentor to ALL of the multi-million-dollar Internet marketers, from Frank Kern and Rich Schefren… to Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime, and many more!
Jon Benson – the “king of video sales letters.” No other marketer alive has crafted as many million-dollar video sales letters as Jon has – and if you attend, John will teach you his exact formula… so that YOU can create 6-figure or even 7-figure video sales letters for YOUR BUSINESS!
Chris Guerrerio – the “Hollywood’s 7-figure business coach” – Chris’ name is in the Rolodex of some of today’s most successful business people and famous Hollywood stars. He has built four 7-figure businesses of his own, and is going to give you his blueprint for doing…
Joe Polish – founder of the Genius Network and world-renown 25k group. No one alive is more connected in the marketing world. Joe will be teaching you part of his blueprint for creating an ELF (Easy, Lucrative & Fun!) business using proven marketing techniques…

And Heather Havenwood – SexyBoss, best-selling author and leading business/sales coach. She’ll show you how to use bold, edgy branding to quickly make a name for yourself in ANY market – and build a loyal, passionate following that will eagerly buy whatever you release.

PLUS, when you register today you’ll get a one-hour audio of Joe Sugarman teaching some of his most infamous “marketing triggers” that have each made millions for him over the years. Just register now and you’ll get instant access along with the opportunity to attend this incredible event.