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Introducing the Success Magnet Seminar

– a LIVE training event focused on helping you master the #1 skill for building wealth – the ability to craft a marketing message that generates sales and profits.

You’ll have the rare chance to personally learn secrets from industry legends who have generated millions – in some cases BILLIONS – all through the power of simple ads and marketing.

Better hurry though, because the price DOUBLES on October 10th. (See details below.)

Learn from the TOP Copywriters


It’s Heather here…

And I’m going to be blunt, as time is of the essence.

You want what everyone wants – a boatload of money, in the shortest time possible.

The problem is, there are endless gimmicks and “techniques” that SEEM like they will help you get all the money in the world (overnight) – yet fall short.

This event is NOT about any hype or “magical” tricks that will transform your income and life…

Rather, it’s about some the best living marketers teaching YOU how to turn your words and sales message into paying customers… and ultimately wealth.


If These Legends Can't Teach You How to Create Success and Wealth -- No One Can!

Now, if you know anything about direct marketing – you’re probably already blown away by the list of speakers we have lined up.

When it comes to using the right words to trigger people to click the “BUY button” – these individuals are among the top 1% on earth.

Not only have they each generated millions or billions in sales – each is renown for TEACHING regular people how to be wildly successful at selling products, and getting wealthy in the process.

Take Joe Sugarman, for example. Joe once had a grapefruit farmer attend a seminar he gave in the 1980’s.

Later that night, he wrote his first ad. Just two short years later, he had an 8- figure business that made him and his family set for life.

Or John Carlton – who has helped every big name Internet marketer craft the message they’ve used to generate millions. More on this in a moment.

The bottom line is – if you’re ready to stop chasing the latest, greatest “miracle” secret that is supposed to make you rich…

And you’re willing to roll up your sleeves for two full days – and let some of the best few marketers alive teach you EXACTLY how to craft and write out the message that will bring in the money…


In fact, every single great marketer begins with the skills you’re going to master at the Success Magnet Seminar…

Whether it’s Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert – or the famous marketers speaking at our event – they ALL began learning how to string words together in a way that caused prospects to hand over their money.

It’s is THE straightest path to lasting wealth… and this is the BEST ever chance you’ll have to master this powerful skill. Period.

Let’s take a quick look at the speakers we have lined up:

Joe Sugarman

First up, we have Joe Sugarman, the man many consider to be the “godfather” of modern direct marketing. Joe literally invented many of the strategies that are now commonplace in marketing, including ordering with credit cards over the phone.

There may be no other more respected or more legendary marketing guru alive – and for good reason – Joe has “conservatively” generated well over a billion dollars in sales, including the infamous BluBlockers infomercials… which became one of the most successful direct marketing products of all time.

Joe’s going to personally walk you through the same psychological triggers he has used in every million-dollar ad campaign, so that you can maximize your sales, revenue and bottom line income.

Any one of the triggers Joe teaches could make you a not-so-small fortune – and yet he’s going to personally teach you many of his most powerful ones, along with real world applications so you can hit the ground running.

Also, Joe hasn’t taught at an event like this in DECADES, and who knows if or when he ever will again.

Don’t miss this rare chance to learn from the man who pioneered so much of what others have used to make outrageous fortunes.

John Carlton

Next, we have John Carlton – the “most ripped off copywriter alive.” John has been the unofficial mentor to ALL of the multi-million-dollar Internet marketers, from Frank Kern and Rich Schefren… to Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime, and many more!

As successful as John has been in crafting hugely profitable ads (his golf and martial arts ads are legendary) – John has been even more successful as a teacher.

His specialty is making the ad-writing process simple and easy for ANYONE – even those who hate writing and can barely type out a coherent email. John’s “Wall of Fame” filled with 6-figure and 7-figure testimonials only proves it.

At the Success Magnet Seminar, John will reveal some of his stunningly simple secrets for nailing the right “hook” and sales message needed to convert more visitors into paying customers – and flood your business and bank account with cold hard cash…

Jon Benson

We’re also fortunate to have Jon Benson – the “king of video sales letters.” By now, you’ve undoubtedly seen video sales letters selling products or services online – they are everywhere!

Yet did you know that Jon was literally the pioneer of the modern video sales letter?

No other marketer alive has crafted as many million-dollar video sales letters as Jon has – even famous online marketers like Ryan Deiss credit Jon with teaching them “everything” – an incredible statement.

Most importantly, at the Success Magnet Seminar, Jon teach you critical pieces of winning VSL formula… so that YOU can create 6-figure or even 7-figure video sales letters for YOUR BUSINESS!

Chris Guerriero

We're honored to be joined by Chris Guerriero

Chris Guerriero is the secret behind many of the top names in personal development, in politics, and in business, helping them to position themselves, their companies, or their products as leaders in their field.

He's the man Hollywood marketing firms use to help them spread the word and jam pack theaters when a new movie gets released.

Chris has built four 8 figure businesses of his own, and his coaching has generated over 100 Million Dollars for his clients!

He was named one of the top Entrepreneurs of the time, was honored twice by NASCAR with his photo painted on a car during the race, and he and his companies have been featured on television, in the newspaper, and in magazines across the globe.

Chris will be detailing exactly how to grow a 7 or 8 figure business, and how to do it predictably.

Joe Polish

We even we’re lucky enough to get Joe Polish – founder of the Genius Network and world-renown “25k Group”.

No one alive is more connected in the marketing world. Joe has done it all. He built his own multi-million-dollar companies (in niches like carpet cleaning, no less!) and has taught marketing for decades.

Joe has seriously interviewed virtually every top marketer on the planet – including household name billionaires like Richard Branson. Heck, the guy even has testimonials from stars like Paula Abdul!

Joe will be teaching you select steps from his blueprint for creating an ELF (Easy, Lucrative & Fun!) business that pays you like clockwork, year after year.

Kimberly Seltzer

Plus, we have Kimberly Seltzer, LCSW – who is a master of communication, body language, NLP and the art of presentation.

Kimberly is a master at helping you refine and create the perfect image – putting the best, most marketable parts of yourself forward -- whether it’s in person, or on your site, as part of your brand and marketing efforts.

Coupled with the many other messaging secrets you’ll discover at the event, what Kimberly teach you can help take your image and presentation to an elite level – and translate into significantly more bottom line results… across the board.

Heather Havenwood

And you also get ME – Heather Havenwood – best-selling author of SexyBoss and leading business/sales coach.

In my session, I’m going to show you how to use bold, edgy branding to quickly make a name for yourself in ANY market – and build a loyal, passionate following that will eagerly buy whatever you release.

Whoever you are, I guarantee you can be more bold, more fun, and brash with your marketing – and sell a ton more in the process. I’ll show you how to unleash your creativity in new ways, while crafting a “money message” that shocks and delights your market.


Tuition for this Event? Almost Too Good to Be True...

Each of these industry legends has charged as much as $5,000 for their knowledge in the past. And they have long lists of customers who’ve generated hundreds of thousands – even MILLIONS in profits thanks to their help.

Yet, as part of the introductory offer for the Success Magnet Seminar – you pay only $297.



Is The Success Magnet Seminar The Right Event for You?

I’m known for being blunt and I honestly never mince words.

If you’re serious about learning how to turn words into wealth, and put together a message that consistently brings in money – then don’t delay.

Use any of the buttons you see on this page – or better yet – hookup with a friend or business partner and come together.

There will be nothing else like this in 2013… maybe not ever.

I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity – and I can’t wait to see you in Vegas!


Heather Havenwood
Success Magnet Seminar

P.S. – Not that we need to considering our speakers’ track record of over- delivering at event after event, but just so you know… you are absolutely protected by a 100% unconditional, money-back guarantee.

If at any point during or by the end of that first day you feel like you’ve NOT gotten your full money’s worth... if you feel you haven’t received actionable tips, strategies, techniques or ideas guaranteed to bring you greater performance and success... then you can ask for a prompt, courteous refund and receive it.

You absolutely MUST be 100% satisfied this event is everything we’ve promised and more--or you pay nothing.